Posted From: Proof / Photo Camp Kenya: Teaching the Language of Photography

National Geographic Photo Camp, a melding of the minds of Vision Workshops, a non-profit founded by Elstner, and the National Geographic Society, empowers youth in underserved areas of the world to find their voice through photography.


                                         Photograph by Monicah Njeri Mwangi

Matt + Amy both taught at the Kenya Photo Camp and sat down with National Geographic to recount the experience. Check out their interview  here, and get a look into the eye of the participating journalists through the video Matt created of their photography.

Posted From: Proof / ‘Amy Toensing on Going Outside the Comfort Zone’

When we look at images, we understand something about the world – but it’s always in the context of ourselves. It’s a universal language.” —Amy Toensing

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 1.19.45 PMWatch as Amy discusses the power of photography and her own personal journey in the field. The video portrait was produced by National Geographic magazine in partnership with the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.


Dispatch: 4.2.2014 Aboard the NG Orion, the Great Barrier Reef

Check out some of Amy’s Instagram posts from aboard the Orion this week:

Loh Island in the Torres Islands, Vanuatu                          © Amy Toensing

Land diving on Pentecote island in Vanuatu                    © Amy Toensing

Posted From: Proof / ‘She Carries the Weight of the World’

“With support from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, photographer Amy Toensing and writer Jessica Benko spent several weeks living among the thousands of widows who populate the holy Braj region of rural Uttar Pradesh in northern India. There they investigated the taboos and social structures that leave many widows and their children struggling to survive.”

Widowhood In India

Read the entire story here


Posted From: NPR / ‘Women of Vision': Making Pictures in All Corners of the World

Mohegan Island
© Amy Toensing
Here Amy tell the story behind this endearing photo during an interview with fellow ‘Women of Vision’ photographer, Maggie Steber on NPR’s Weekend Edition hosted by Jacki Lyden.

Maggie Steber discusses the intimacy of photography, and how the journey to each image is fueled by the connections made along the way. Her photo below features four girls napping together after attending church in Miami.

xFOUR SLEEPING SISTERS                                                                                                                    ©Maggie Steber


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Pictures We Love: Australian Dreamland

Aboriginal Australia

National Geographic’s Proof blog invited the photography and design teams of National Geographic magazine to look back through the hundreds of photographs from the over 75 stories published in 2013 and select one photo that spoke to their heart, intrigued them, inspired awe, made them smile—in short, to choose their favorite photo from this past year. Over the next several days we’ll bring you a round-up of the breathtaking, the touching, the extraordinary, the imperfect, and the beautiful.

Kickstarter Ends // 16k for Urban Refugee Children in Africa project

On March 15th, In The Shadows : Urban Refugee Children was
successfully funded by 160% on Kickstarter. As one of the backers said, this project
will provide “a voice for some of the most at-risk children in the
world” and it would not have happened without all of you. Thank you.

Hamilton from RefugePoint and I will travel to Nairobi beginning of May and
work with RefugePoint’s urban protection team in the informal refugee
settlements around the city. From there we will post stories about the
children we meet on RefugePoint's blog and my blog. I will also post updates (like this one) to you through Kickstarter with links to these reports from the field.

We look forward to launching the exhibit in Boston as well as on-line at
on June 20th in honor of World Refugee Day. A preview event is
scheduled for June 19th at a location in Boston, to be announced. If you
are in the area, we hope you will attend. The exhibit will also return
to The Salt Institute
in the beginning of 2014 for those of you who attended the launch party
in Portland, Maine. We will send more details on all of this as it gets

Thank you again for your support.

Stay tuned !

- Amy